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When you make a decision as significant as buying or selling real estate...

Your choice of the real estate firm and its agents are crucial. You deserve to be represented by a professional company and an experienced real estate team and agents.

Long Realty was founded in 1926, and now a Berkshire Hathaway Company. Long Realty is an industry leader with the latest technologies, and marketing strategies all coupled with bundled real estate and financial services for you.

As an Associate Broker with Long Realty, I offer 30 successful years in financial services, real estate, and contract negotiations. Integrity, Compassion and Experience, I believe are fundamental to business and beneficial to you as a client, all integrated with the idea that,

“Every Client has Unique Needs, and Deserves to be Treated Accordingly”

I have been consistently in the top 2% of all Real Estate agents in the country, with experience in residential, commercial, land and land development negotiations in Arizona with a passion for excellence.